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Renate Kohl Art




The artist was born in Frankfurt/Main (Germany), but spent most of her life in Brussels (Belgium) where she studied Schilderkunst at the RHoK Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Brussel with Pol Verzwijver, Marc Vanderleenen, Oxana Taran, Lieve van Tienen and Jan Verbruggen. Since 2020 she is based in Berlin. In 2023, she joined the association of female artists, Gedok.


After graduating, she got her first studio at the Flemish artists' association w-o-l-k-e and found out that working with many layers of acrylic paint and collage may stand for the process of painting itself, building up a history of the image. It can be wiped out or painted over, scraped off or scratched to expose deeper layers. Parts can be protected by tape, so that they remain untouched by actions, fate, and trauma. There are random effects such as drops, splashes, and impurities as well as intended interventions ranging from bold compositions to large-scale overlays. This approach corresponds to the emergence of memory from perception, its emotionally oriented interpretation, and its use in the sense of ritualized remembrance or even indoctrination. The viewer is invited to identify and interpret layer by layer, like an archaeologist. For Renate Kohl, painting has become a means of exploring the world. Since settling down in Berlin in 2020, she holds a workplace in the Kreativ-Fabrik in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.



Annual exhibitions of the RHoK Academy Etterbeek and Woluwe, Brussels

2013, 2015, 2017

Solo exhibitions at the Representation of the German-speaking Community in Brussels

Aug 2014

Exhibition at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg/ Austria

May/ June 2016

Student in situ, RHoK Woluwe, cave paintings and objects

Jan/Feb 2017  

Artist in situ, Community Centre Contact in Woluwe-Saint Pierre, window installation "Transparency"

May 2017

Group exhibition "Brussels Inspirations" at Atelier 29, Brussels

May 2018

Group exhibition "Life on the Move" at Atelier 29, Brussels

May 2019

Group exhibition "Innocence", RHoK Academy Brussels-Etterbeek

Sept 2019

Group exhibition "War and Peace" at the Cultural Centre Brussels-Woluwe

Nov 2019

Group exhibition "Music and Painting" at the Russian House Brussels

March 2020

Group exhibition “Breath of Spring” at the Russian House in Brussels

From 24 Feb 2023

Internet exhibition "Homage to Lost Ukrainian Arts", organized by the Hungarian artist Laszlo Ladany

July 2023

Group exhibition for new members, Gedok Berlin

July 2023

Virtual exhibition “Summer Wall” by Laszlo Ladany

Oct 2023

Group exhibition, Gedok Berlin “Wasser – alles fließt“

Dec 2023

Christmas exhibition, Gedok Berlin

Jan / Feb 2024

Lab 1 “Symbiose Mensch + Natur“, Gedok Berlin


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