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Works: "Collages and arrachages"

A Collage

is defined as a picture in which various materials or objects, for example paper, cloth, or photographs, are stuck onto a larger surface. I usually glue newspaper on canvas, but I do not intend to compose an image by paper cuttings. Instead, I merely use paper as an additional layer which I am tearing off again, later in the process.


Very often, I also use masking tape to mask off areas that should not be painted at all and thus consist of a lot of “negative” or empty spaces. Or I use it to create flat areas on a painting in which less is going on. To mask parts of the canvas allows me to paint without stopping my movements or blocking the flow of energy. Sometimes, I also leave the masking tape on the canvas after having painted it over, in order to get an additional three dimensional layer.


For my window installation “Transparency” in 2017, tape has been used to produce a "stained glass" effect by applying it to a plastic foil on windows which were lit from behind.

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